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Senior JavaScript Developer
Berlin, Germany
Full time €55000


Our customer specializes in development of custom CRM solutions, E-commerce and other web-platforms. Company customers include large retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and logistic companies. At the moment there is an open position for Senior Java Developer in company headquarters in the downtown of Hamburg.


  • Proven experience (2+ years) with JavaScript (ECMAScript 5).
  • Knowledge of asynchronous programming and event driven programming paradigms.
  • Understanding of REST and AJAX.
  • Knowledge of HTML5, DOM Core API, Event model, CSS modification.
  • Experience with one of common JavaScript frameworks (Backbone, React or Angular).
  • Knowledge of Git.
  • University degree of Bachelor in computer science or equivalent.
  • Understanding of algorithms, data structures and big-O notation.
  • Good spoken and written English.


  • Hands-on experience with ES6.
  • Understanding of Promises.
  • Hands-on experience with Websockets.
  • Experience with server-side JavaScript (node.js or io.js).
  • Experience with common JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, Underscore, async, BlueBird, etc.
  • Experience with one of testing frameworks like mocha.
  • CSS3 would be a plus.
  • Experience with Mongo or one of RDBMS would be a plus.
  • Good communication and analytical skills.


  • Stable work in European office.
  • Friendly team and management.
  • Good possibilities for professional development.

Vacancy tags

  • JavaScript